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Solar da Salvadoura


Located in Goães, Amares county, 20 km away from Braga city centre and 30 km away from Gerês Thermal Spa and Peneda-Gerês National Park, Solar da Salvadoura is inserted in a bucolic and luxurious environment. This beautiful manor house is a truly magical and spiritual place full with several tree species, most of them green citrus.

Air and pure water, rare beauty landscape.
In Azevedo e Sousa family since the medieval times, lords of lands such as 'Entre Homem e Cávado', 'S. João de Rei' or even 'Terras de Bouro'. Among their ancestors had some heroic and historical figures such as D. Egas Moniz (D. Afonso Henriques, king´s guardian), D. Lopo Dias de Azevedo (D. João I adviser and one of the most brave captains of the Aljubarrota battle in August 1385, where he was knighted by the King himself).
The notable genealogist and historian Anselmo Braamcamp Freire says that the family name 'Azevedo' appeared precisely with D. Lopo Dias de Azevedo. Therefore it is possible to state that Salvadoura is one of the cradles of the 'Azevedo' name. 
This space, a little piece of Portuguese history, is dedicated to the tourist enjoyment, with the affection, friendship and the traditional hospitality of the people of Amares.
So, welcome to the land of the famous oranges, and the wonderful green wine, great food, ancient monuments and fantastic landscape. As the slogan of the county state: "Se Amares, Amares, Amares será verde" ("If you love Amares, Amares will still be green". Therefore, Amares certainly will love you.
For all this, for leisure or to play, acquire your own house - in this environment of jubilance - with the greatest autonomy and independence.
Enjoy and be delighted with wide open spaces of fields and mountains.
Enjoy the sun, the swimming pool and the constant tweeting of birds.
In a T0 or even T3 type house (fully equipped) where you can cook your meals, if you want.
In a manor house with six comfortable suites where you also can enjoy the common spaces like living room and playroom, and of course the farm, the swimming pool and the chapel. Here, you'll have the breakfast available too.

Origins of the name Salvadoura

1st- For being the rescue house (salva). In the medieval times it was an 'couto dos Homiziados', referring to a place where people persecuted by justice could hide themselves from the authorities. Once inside it and free from persecution, they exclaimed "we are already in our Salvadoura (saviour)". The name was then set, for the house, for the farm and for the place itself.
2nd- A legend also gives it the name Salva D'Ouro. It tells us that when King D. Manuel I stopped there asking for water on his way to Santiago de Compostela (via Gerês), was served with a Salva D'Ouro (Gold Tray). Amazed for being presented with such a rich object, the King named it Salva D'Ouro manor.
Salvadoura manor house and its chapel of ‘Our Lady of Amparo’ (this one built in 1604 and consecrated in 1605, for its lords to be buried) it was looted and destroyed at least twice.
The first time was in 1809, with french armies led by Marshal Soult passing through in the second french invasion. 
The second was in 1910, with the establishment of the Portuguese Republic.
Despite the character of those times and people, and the fact that Salvadoura has no longer the greatness of the past, whether in rural or urban buildings (also in Oporto and Évora), We managed to maintain the core of Salvadoura manor house and its farm until the present day. All this, always within Azevedo e Sousa family, which also mantain its surname since its very origin: “Azevedo e Sousa”.


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